Session Summaries

“For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it.” —Jean Paul Sartre

Session 1

In which introductions are made. The group meets with the mayor of Obosk and investigate the murder scene of Mr. Charles Ming. Additionally, they are tasked with finding the missing fiance of Kassel Savigny, a government employee.

Session 2

In which Louis Starr follows up with the widow Ming. A visit is made to the Ugly Duckling and a request is made for a rendezvous with the Knave of Hearts. As they are leaving the docks the group comes across another body.

Session 3

In which the group locate valuable clues where Miss Capello has been left, and investigate the Menzogne brothers as possible suspects. A new sense of urgency is added now that Miss Allumette’s life may be in danger.

Session Summaries

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